Get Ready to feed your PBX with our Channels.

Short Duration VoIP Termination

Unlimited Calls Per Channel through SippyTel’s Flagship Service – SippyTel Channel Cloud.

Hosted through Tier 1 partners providing SippyTel with one of the most reliable and extensive footprints in the industry

Premier US48 Domestic Termination

SippyTel enterprise-grade domestic voice termination covers all of the 48 states, using most advanced routing and redundant network, interconnected with Tier 1 suppliers.

You have the Traffic , we have the Channels.

Autodialing, Broadcasting, Polling and more, SippyTel Channel Cloud Network makes it feasible for scaling up high channels and capacity requirements.

SippyTel Infrastructure Designed for High Volume Calls

Built for Call Center & Short Duration Traffic

Our telephony services are behind many successful Call Centers, VoIP providers, (ITSPs) and carrier customers including world-leading Internet fax operators.

Quality Code

High CPS (Calls Per Second), Low PDD (Post Dial Delay). Our solution for call centers short duration & dialer termination supports numerous high-volume call and customer service centers worldwide, and proudly delivers premium voice quality.

SippyTel Channel-based pricing

Leverage unlimited calls per channel on SippyTel’s Flagship Channel based VoIP Termination. We prioritize QOS. Save on ROI and subscribe the channels needed.

We are an exception to other providers i.e we don’t use the CDRs, Rate Decks, per minute, pulse-based and other clutters. Simple & transparent pricing.

Supports all Switches, Auto Dialers,
Predictive Dialers & PBXs.